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J.R. Flynn

The Score
inspiriert durch den Dunklen Turm
Leider scheint das Projekt nach der sehr guten ersten CD gestorben zu sein

The Original Musical Score Music
Composed and Orchestrated by John Flynn
by J.R. FLYNN, copyright © 2005

01. Fanfare (Roland's Theme)
02. Overture (Theme from 'The Gunslinger')
03. A Stranger in Tull
04. Alice's Theme
05. The Interloper (Tull Suite)
06. Nort's Resurrection (Enter... The Man In Black)
07. Quiet Street
08. The Battle of Tull
09. The Aftermath / Leaving Tull
10. The Desert Montage
11. Memories I - Hiding Place & The Treachery of the Cook
12. Memories II - The Hanging of the Cook
13. The Waystation
14. Jake Remembers
15. The Demon in the Basement / Setting Out
16. Interlude (Ostinato)
17. The Camp / Jake Gone / The Oracle
18. Through the Forest and to the Mountains
19. Resting (Roland Tells Jake of Gilead) / The Excursion up the Mountain
20. A Chat with The Man In Black
21. Under The Mountains / Slow Monsters
22. Memories III - Rite of Passage
23. Light at the End of the Tunnel / Jake's Death
24. Catching The Man In Black / Palaver
25. A Vision of the Universe
26. Finale
27. The Man In Black (Walter's Theme)
28. The Gunslinger Piano Medely

Leider existieren die Seiten von Johnny Flynn
und somit die Bestellmöglichkeit nicht mehr


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