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Castle Rock

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Castle Rock Main Title
Thomas Newman

Staffel 1

Folge Folgentitel Interpret Songtitel Startzeit Szenenbeschreibung
Folge 1 Severance Gene Pitney Twenty Four Hours from Tulsa   Pangborn loads his pistol as he goes to recover Henry (puts the tape with the song in)
    Jeremy Siepmann, Nicolas Boulton "Se Vuol Ballare" from The Marriage of Figaro, K. 492   The Lacy's morning before his last day, breakfast
    Herb City Intro   Music playing as we follow Lacy to his suicide
    The Misfits Hybrid Moments   Drug deal scene (plays in woman's car when she pulls over); then she drives off and sees Henry getting out of the bus (song ends)
    Thomas Newman Castle Rock (Main Title)    
    Thomas Newman Hey Killer (From Castle Rock)   When Henry Deaver first returns home?
    Thomas Newman Bluff [From "Castle Rock"]   End title
Folge 2 Habeas Corpus Werner Tautz Twice as nice   Lacy voice over (as water runs down the stairs)
    John Arkell Seringa   Alan meets for a drink with to warn the new warden
    Dave Dudley Six Days On The Road   Henry arrives at the bar (first background song)
    Dexter Britain Imagining the End   Henry gets on a bus with a church group to visit Shawshank
Folge 3 Local Color - -   -
Folge 4 The Box Tom Waits Clap Hands   Dennis Zalewski arrives at Shawshank. Start of the episode.
    The Band The Weight   Henry and Molly talk at the bar.
    Gene Pitney 24 Hours From Tulsa   Henry and Alan in the truck.
    Emmylou Harris One of These Days   Henry and Ruth talk about the Desjardins.
    Roy Orbison Crying   Zalewski marks an X on several of the prison monitors & goes on a shooting rampage. End of episode
Folge 5 Harvest Shirley Temple Animal Crackers In My Soup   "Prison kid" walks up to a house; the record is taken off to sing. It's a happy child (Gordy)'s B-day party; withing minutes, all goes to hell, family in a fight, baby crying...
    TV On The Radio Wolf Like Me   Reporter gooing over all the fucked up action one had to write about in the 80'... while smoking dope in her the car with "prison kid".
Folge 6 Filter The Walker Brothers The Sun Ain't Gonna Shine Anymore   The Kid playing the vinyl
    John Arkell Seringa   End song
    Ramin Djawadi This World   Opening scene and end titles song (slightly modified)
    Alanis Morissette Uninvited   Sounds like Uninvited without the lyrics
    Shooter Jennings & Hierophant All of This Could Have Been Yours   Abspann
Folge 7 The Queen Vitamin String Quartet Motion Picture Soundtrack    
    Elvis Presley Blue Moon   The Song playing on the vinyl player throughout the episode
    Nancy Sinatra Time   Ruth and the kid sit at the dinner table and talk; he ties to give her medication...
    Nancy Sinatra Long Time Woman   Ruth and the kid sit at the dinner table and talk.
    Max Richter Orchestra & Lorenz Dangel On the Nature of Daylight   Ruth showers then answers the door talks with Alan
    Christmas Choir Auld Lang Syne   Today's Alan gives Ruth her chess set on some past Xmas, and she walk out with some dog...
    Frank Sinatra Come Fly With Me   Plays distorted while Ruth pushes through the crowd at the wake/wedding
Folge 8 Past Perfect The Haxan Cloak Miste   Sequence of scenes at the end of the episode
    Max Richter On the nature of daylight   End Credits
Folge 9 Henry Deaver The Band The Weight   "Henry" (the kid) and Molly at the Mellow Tiger bar
    Agnes Obel September Song    
    Claude Debussy Clair De Lune (from "Suite Bergamasque")   End of the episode
Folge 10 Romans Reverend Gary Davis Death Don't Have No Mercy   Beginning of the episode, The Kid is in the cage and Dale Lacy pulls out a gun at him
    Dusty Springfield Twenty-Four Hours From Tulsa   End scene/credits.


Staffel 2

Folge Folgentitel Interpret Songtitel Startzeit Szenenbeschreibung
Folge 1 Let the river run Carly Simon Let the River Run   Opening; (repeats) at the end.
    Bruce Springsteen State Trooper   Pop tells officers to warn the Sheriff.
    Wallows Scrawny   Chance introduces the cabin teens to Joy.
    Nathan Salsburg To Welcome the Travelers Home   Nurse ringing at the garage.
    7k Take It Off   Joy catches a glimpse of Ace making molotovs.
Folge 2 New Jerusalem K'naan (feat. Mos Def & Chali 2na) America   Pop collects rent
Folge 3 Ties that bind The New Basement Tapes Duncan and Jimmy   The four kids hiking to the lake
    Sarah Joy, Steven Mercurio, Pannon Philharmonic Orchestra Manon, Act III: Suis - Je Gentille Ainsi   Ace pulled over by the cops
Folge 4 Restore hope Cormac Marnell Bog Down the Valley'o   At the wake.
    Merle Haggard Are the Good Times Really Over   Pop has a discussion with Chris at the shop.
    The Dubliners Molly Malone   Nadia confronts Pop about the past.
Folge 5 The laughing place Carly Simon Haven't Got Time for the Pain   Runs through scenes: Annie at her house, when her father leaves, then present day in a bar, then we're back to her and mom the day she gets her GED
    James Horner, Amy Dickson, Lavinia Meijer Somewhere Out There (From "An American Tail")   NOTE: THE SONG IS REPRISED BY THE FILM'S MOUSE CHARACTER ON Annie's TV, film named above)
    Carly Simon You Are My Sunshine   By the river, at the end
    Carly Simon That's the Way I've Always Heard It Should Be   Annie finds out she passed her GED while her mom drinks at the table.
Folge 6 The mother Sara Bareilles Once Upon Another Time   Montage of Annie and Joy in the past and of them trying to kill each other in the present.
    Radagast The Brown Visions of You Watching Me from Above   Final Title
Folge 7 The word        
Folge 8 Dirty Leonard Cohen Avalanche   First Scene
Folge 9 Caveat Emptor Johnny Cash Danny Boy   During flashbacks concerning the warden's captive
    I Am Kloot Avenue of Hope   Pop talks to Gus on the walkie talkie
    Laura Marling What He Wrote   Annie, Abdi and Al crossing the tracks
Folge 10 Clean Cat Power Troubled Waters   Nadia and Abdi in the cave
    Rufus Wainwright Let The River Run   Annie and the Joy on the road again after the lake incident


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