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Inspiration for the Creation of "Territories"

"Evidence is growing that there are an infinite number of realities stacked together like the pages of a never-ending book." – Marcus Chown, The Universe Next Door

"The quantum theory of parallel universes is not some trouble-some, optional interpretation emerging from arcane theoretical considerations. It is the explanation – the only one that is tenable – of a remarkable and counter-intuitive reality." – David Deutsch, The Fabric of Reality

"It’s the end of the world as we know it, and I feel fine." – REM, It’s the End of the World as We Know It

I have always been fascinated with the concept of parallel worlds and the existence of “thin spots” where it might be possible to cross over into another time or place. I find myself drawn to books and movies that deal with this idea. But nowhere have I found a more detailed and intriguing interpretation of this premise than in ‘The Dark Tower’ books written by Stephen King. The worlds that he has created in his books, like our own world, are at the same time both beautiful and dangerous.

When I was trying to decide what type of project I wanted to pursue for this CD, I wanted to choose a subject that interested me to the point that I would have no trouble finding inspiration. Choosing the Dark Tower books turned out to be an easy decision. I have read the books and listened to the audiotapes many times and I always savor my visits. I also enjoy the fact that many of Stephen King’s other novels have referenced the Tower and have given more insight to the characters involved. When I began thinking about this project, I had decided that I wanted to tie in the Territories from the ‘Talisman’ because in my mind, I believed that the Territories and the world of the Dark Tower books were closely related. Stephen King and Peter Straub have since confirmed my feelings with the release of “Black House”.

My desire when creating the compositions of the ‘Territories’ was to give listeners their own "thin spot" that they could use to cross over into the worlds that they love so much. I have always found music to be one of the few portals that one can use to transport themselves to other worlds. I also wanted to allow people to make their own sojourn along the path of the Beam to the Dark Tower. Though many of the landmarks you will find on your trip are similar to those you encounter in the books, the path you take and the events you experience may not be the same as Roland's ka-tet, but your mission is the same. And in the end, when you reach the Dark Tower, you will stand and be true.

Dennis Downing - May 2003

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