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Stephen King in einer Newsgroup 1994


From: SK79 (Stephen King)
Newsgroups: alt.books.stephen-king
Subject: stephen king
Followup-To: alt.books.stephen-king
Date: 6 Oct 1994 18:20:30 GMT
Organization: Cornell University
Lines: 19
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Someone wondered if I ever get into these electronic bulletin boards. I got a peek into this one while preparing to do a speaking gig at Cornell University, in Ithaca, on October 6th, 1994. I haven't been in Colorado buying Slurpies at any 7-11s lately, but I was in a Christie's in Hoosick, New York yesterday. The new book is INSOMNIA, and that's what I'm promoting. I'm glad so many people liked Frank's version of SHAWSHANK, and I hope to see many of you on my tour...if the Harley doesn't break down...or if I don't break down. The question that occurs is whether or not the people reading this will believe I'm me. It really is, but if I put in something only I would know in order to prove it, everybody would know it. It's the only catch, Catch-22. In closing, the big cahunas and cahunettes here at Cornell want me to tell you that I don't have an account or an electronic postbox here. In fact, I don't really know what the f- - - I'm doing. Oh, I think I DO know how to prove I'm me. First, the next book is called ROSE MADDER--June of 1995 from Viking. Second, it will be Eddie, not Roland, who saves the party of travellers from Blaine the Mono. Joe Bob sez "Check it out." Check ya on the flip-flop, Stephen King

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