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Interview bei AOL


AOL: Mr. King, we're honored to have you with us tonight. Welcome

Stephen King: Thanks. Nice to be here.

AOL: If you're all set to start, we'll turn it over to the audience without further ado.

Question: Have you reached all of the goals you set for yourself when you were younger? Or are you continually revamping them as you mature? - Kristi P.

Stephen King: I never really had any goals other than to tell stories and to try and keep things fresh. So I guess I'm always setting the goal a step ahead. I'm having fun; is that a goal?

Question: Do you see yourself ever retiring to enjoy the fruits of your labor?

Stephen King: Not retirement, actually, but I can't wait to retire from the PR side of it, and if I start to write books that seem flat or uninteresting, I hope I have enough sense left to just write the stuff an put it in a drawer!

Question: Do you and other writers in your eclectricity such as john saul, john carpenter, anne rice, ect, feel in competition for best sellers list and are you pressured by your publisher to beat other writers release dates?(of course no one is better than the king)

Stephen King: I think the publishers play a chess game with release dates. I've been in an enviable position, where people tend to schedule away from me, at least until recently. Clancy and Grisham both outsell me, and I think the publishers are careful to steer away from them as much as they can. As for me, I just write 'em and hope for the best.

Question: Are any of your kids following in their parents' footsteps?

Stephen King: All of my kids like to write. My wife is also a novelist (Tabitha King), and so the kids all have some pretty good genes that way. Are they the writers of tomorrow? Who knows?

Question: I was wondering why alot of your books contain authors? By the way happy belated birthday.

Stephen King: Thanks for the happy birthday wishes. All I want is a playoff slot for the Red Sox, who have stumbled badly in September. I write about writers because I know the territory. Also, you know it's a great job for a protagonist in a book. Without having to hold down a steady job, writers can have all sorts of adventures. Also, if they disappear, it's a long time before they are missed. Heh-heh-heh.

Question: if i was pressed to choose one of your books or stories, i don't what one i would pick. do you have a favorite, or is your favorite the one your working on (or the next one)?

Stephen King: This probably sounds self-serving, but I like BAG O' BONZ the best. For now, at least.


Question: Do you ever use any of these new software for making up characters o plots? Do you think these story writing softwares take awayfrom the imaginative process?

Stephen King: Nah. Plot software is just a high-tech version of Edgar Wallace's plot-wheel, inevnted in the '20s. I use what comes out of my head, or what I see happening around me.

Question: Are most of your books based on your own childhood fears?

Stephen King: Now why are we on my childhood? Could it be you think I'm...well...a little STRANGE? Actually I had a very normal childhood. There was the cannibalism, of course, but...

Question: Mr. King, is it true you never go to bed without looking under it first?

Stephen King: Nope. Not true. Sorry. If there really was something under there, it'd probably bite my face off.

Question: Do you an your wife share ideas about stories?

Stephen King: Usually not while we're actually writing, but we swap manuscripts and criticisms. Man, she can be tough. Always fair, though. She really supported me during the work on BAG OF BONES.

Question: Can you tell us anything about your other two books for S&S? We've heard that they are tentatively titled "On Writing" and "While We Were in Vietnam."

Stephen King: The next book is a set of four related stories--a novel, two short novels, and a short story. The book will probably be called HEARTS IN ATLANTIS. The last book is ON WRITING, nonfiction. I'm going to spill all my secrets, tell where all the bodies are buried.

Question: What are the chances of you and your wife, Tabitha writing a book together, such as you did with Peter Straub?

Stephen King: Sounds like a quick ticket to divorce court. I don't think we could do it. Although the thought has crossed my mind.

Question: Do you consider yourself a "horror" writer? Or a writer?

Stephen King: Just a writer. Next

Question: What are your Halloween plans?

(After a very long Delay on AOL's part the interview continues with Stephen King under a different screen

Stephen King: Halloween jinxed it.... it's not my favorite holiday.

Question: Do you feel like writers today have to satisfy publishers by writing what sells instead of what they want to write?

Stephen King: Umm..I think that it's easier to get published it's your writing what publishers percieve as comercials. The truth is, they don't really know. Someone like John Grisham always takes them by surprise.

Question: it's obvious that being from maine has had an impression upon your works. ..what is it like to be one of very few celebrities in the state? how are you percieved by mainers who've seen their state the setting for some fairly grusome tales?

Stephen King: I think that most Mainers seem fairly proud of me. Of course, they might be only being polite.

Question: As an author, do you ever have times when you can't think of a single page--not even a single word for a story?

Stephen King: No Some days its easier than others, but unlike Mike Noonan in "Bag of Bones," I've never had a real writers block.

Question: If this is not to personel I was wondering why in Your dedication to Naomi (in Bag of Bones) you wrote "still" after it.

Stephen King: I dedicated my second novel to Naomi way back in 1975. I just wanted to say I still love her even though she's now a big person instead of a little person.

Question: I love all of your work Mr. King. The Dark Tower novels are my favorites. Have you ever based a character strongly on a real person? Or yourself maybe? Thanks in Red Rock, Texas.

Stephen King: All my charachters are partly me and partly what I see in other people. The character most unlike me is probably Roland in the Dark Tower Stories.

AOL: Mr. King, thanks so much for your time.
AOL: More time than you probably expected...

Stephen King: Goodnight everybody. Sorry it took to so long to catch up. I pulled the plug out with my foot. Lots of love to all of you. Goodnight.

AOL: Sorry for the problems. Good night.


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